ANTHEM ROAD is more than just another high-energy Pop, Rock, Dance Party Cover Band.


About Us

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Hold on to your seats, as Anthem Road takes you on a high energy experience and adrenaline rushed thrill ride, starting with the Top Anthems of the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s, all the way up to Current Top-40's!  Anthem Road is more than just a Pop/Rock/Dance Tribute Band to the Decades, it's a Non-Stop INTERACTIVE MUSICAL EXPERIENCE! 

Anthem Road has been setting the live music scene on fire since 2016.  Valerie, the lead singer, hand picked the best of the best musicians, in Southern California, to create this Musical Tour De Force!  From nightclubs and casinos, to country clubs, wineries, private parties and outdoor festivals, all up and down the West Coast.   

Anthem Road Tailors each show to meet the specific requests of the client, whether it be a 70's Disco Party, a Retro 80's Bash, 

a Classic Rock Show, a Top 40's Dance Party, a Themed Event or a big mix of everything!  

Check out our song list!

All of your favorite songs that you grew up with… the ones that get you up out of your seat, head banging, dancing and fist pumping, all night long!  Interactive games, contests and prizes, that always make the audience just as much a part of the show 

as the band members!  So bring you A-Game!  You might just wind up on stage with a mic in your hand!

***We also offer Emcee Services, DJ, Back-Up Dancers, Full Sound System and we take Special Requests!

Anthem Road  Cover band Tribute Band playing the best pop/rock/dance Anthems from the 1970's to today!


VALERIE ~ Lead Vocals

This proud "CHI-TOWN" girl is best known for her vocal versatility, boundless energy and magnetic charisma on stage.  She can easily transition from singing, Justin Timberlake, to screeching out, "Paradise City," by Guns N' Roses.
Her vast performing experience ranges from touring with several professional musical theatre companies, lounge crooning at high-end night clubs and belting out the National Anthem at high profile sporting events... all the way to singing commercial jingles, fronting several popular rock/pop cover bands and performing at top clubs and casinos, all across the West Coast.
Valerie also spent several years touring the US, Europe and Canada, performing hits from her self titled Pop/R&B/Dance album.
*Favorite Artist: Pat Benatar 

DANNY  ~ Bass

Equal parts James Jamerson and Steve Harris, 

Danny De Rosa is a veteran of New York’s Lower East Side club scene. Danny has played in the world-famous CBGB’s, Arlene’s Grocery (home of The Strokes and Lady Gaga), 

and Don Hill’s, and has opened up for bands such as 

Kix, Biohazard, and Danger Danger. 

Danny has written music that has appeared in the 

major motion picture The Roost, which regularly 

appears on Showtime. 

Danny exclusively plays 5-string Ernie Ball Music Man 

and Fender Precision basses (because 5 is more than 4) 

through Aguilar heads and Ampeg cabinets.  


ALEX  ~ Lead Guitar

Alex is one of LA’s most versatile guitar players.  Jumping from funk, to blues, to classic rock and metal seamlessly, he blends in with just about any contemporary style.  In addition to Anthem Road, he also plays in several other popular West Coast cover bands and has worked with heavy hitters such as Dave Mustaine (Megadeth), Tom Dumont (No Doubt), and Noodles (The Offspring). 

Alex’s origins remain unknown to this day, 

but it is speculated that he hails from the planet of Uranus, and is the lovechild of the giant floating space fetus at the end of 2001: A Space Odyssey, and a gorilla. 

*Favorite artist: MC Hammer.


                         DANTE Drums

Born and raised in Southern California during the 80's 

hair metal era, Dante is heavily Influenced by visually entertaining drummers, like Tommy Lee and Robert Sweet.  He keeps a solid groove while keeping the audience entertained with his non-stop visual antics.

Dante has been playing in bands for over 20 years.  

He’s played original music as well as all styles of cover bands, opening for acts such as Saxon, Warrant, Night Ranger, Ratt, Twisted Sister, Stryper, Anthrax, Great White & Skid Row. 

Dante's new Pearl’s Crystal Beats acrylic kit has lights installed inside, so like Dante’s drumming, it’s pleasing to the eyes as well as the ears. 



Michael Is a Leo with a big attraction to Libras.  

He started playing accordion when he was 10 and when he couldn’t fit in the straps anymore, switched to piano.  

Also no one wanted to hear his polkas anymore.  

Since then he’s toured the world with various artists and also moonlights in the daytime writing music for television, movies and multimedia.  

Buy him some ice cream and he’ll be your pal for life!


Anthem Road  Cover band Tribute Band playing the best pop/rock/classic rock, dance Anthems from the 1970's to today! Party Band, Dance Band, Cover Band